Hellooo I am new here - House Showcase 1

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  1. Good morning everyone I just though I would embrace the social culture of the forums as well as in game. I though I would start by sharing my project that I have been working on gathering the materials with for a few days now.

    If you want to come visit and check out the progress on my modern home you can come to /v Yallquit on SMP5.

    I am trying to build a sleek modern style house and I am having a hard time trying to find all of the dark oak I need to complete the project... ): It's been a really tough time to discover the correct biome and could use donations of mainly Quartz, and Dark Oak Log or Planks, and clean stone.

    I have always been a huge fan of anything modern and with extensive medieval and asian cultural influence whilst building in minecraft and this is my first attempt at a modern home however.

    Anyway hope to see you guys stop by say hello and I look forward to meeting new people! Oh, and donations are totally welcome. :3 <3 P.S. Thanks for "SnowyBearr" for a lot of the cobblestone to help me get started and taking me out into the wilds to protect me as I farmed!
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  2. I like modern homes too, come check my res on SMP1! Welcome to the forums and EMC as well.
  3. Looks really good! What texture pack is that?
  4. Welcome to the Empire, your house is looking great!
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  5. Welcome! :) I've had a few keralis' houses before, nothing beside that tbh. But he is great! :)
  6. This is Ozo Craft it looks amazing!

    Thanks! ^-^ It's still a WIP sadly though I'll post a new completed picture when it's done!

    I totally will! :D
  7. I always grin when I see YALLQUIT disconnect from smp5. :D
    Anyways, I think I can give you some dark oak and stone when I'm on smp5 again. :)
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  8. Here is an updated picture of the house!

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