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  1. This contest from the thread was deleted by HelloKittyRo. Reason: She did not like the story, and thought it was foolish as she read it 11/29/15.
  2. Hai friend :D You sound like (and I'm pretty sure you are) a wonderful person :)
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  3. Cool! The world could use some peace. :)
  4. Thank you :D
  5. :D a wonderful person :)
    Awww, thanks. I'm pretty sure you're a great person too!!
  6. Hi again. ;)
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  7. Hello there :D
  8. How chu doin?
  9. Not too bad, just at PvP right now, lots of people there. :)
  10. Yeah, I'm getting ready for the Pvp too.
  11. Welcome to EMC I guess?
  12. Thank you.. Even thow I've been playing for 1 year..
  13. Yes, but you put this thread in the "introduce yourself" area, usually where new members post, so people usually welcome you if you post here. :)
  14. Ok, Thank you...
  15. Thanks for the likes everyone :)
  16. Er. Just out of curiosity. Why would you bump a thread in the Introduce Yourself section? It's just that I haven't seen anybody do that :p