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  1. So i started EMC a while ago i then took a long break and back in December my Sister (Anon) convinced me to start playing again, i have met a bunch of new people and made a lot of new friends! So as i have started to play EMC again i thought i might introduce myself to the community!
  2. hello! glad to have u back! I'm sure u know that smp2 is the best so we want u! :p
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  3. Sorry Smp6 is my home
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  4. Welcome back, Sach :) I've talked to you a fair bit recently so yeah :rolleyes: I'll see you in person in just under three weeks ;)
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  5. See you soon:)
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  6. codfish!
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  7. Oh, I almost forgot... egg c:
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  8. I was waiting for that
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  9. You're the egg
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  10. Hello Sachrock!
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  11. Welcome back! :D
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  12. Why Thankyou
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  13. Shouldn't you be studying? :p
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  14. Shouldn't You??
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  15. Last test before Easter was done today and my lab reports are in their final draft ;P
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  16. Finish your final drafts scrub ;P
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  17. Welcome back! :D
    I have a feeling quite some posts in this thread are meant for insiders only, I'm a bit confused :p
  18. We just have nick names for each other :p, and Anon is always bugging me about studying and then she gets 5 mods to PM me to study!
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  19. I feel the same way...:D

    Welcome Back Sach:)
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  20. Thanks
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