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  1. Hello guys and gals.

    Just passing through the neighborhood seeing how things are going here.

    Have I missed anything important?
  2. Meh... it depends on what you call important, I guess.
  3. Minecraft server attacks, fake alts, giveaways, taco parties, and mining.
  4. Welcome.... wait your not new! No, nothing much has happened except maybe 1 promo during Labor day and 5 new staff I think
  5. hmm... Anything note worthy?
  6. Sup. We voted on next EMC update, but that's about it
  7. Hi Gap, nice to hear from you. :)
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  8. Well, uh... we voted on the next big EMC update like g0hl said, and Aikar started livestreaming again, coding the friends feature.
    We've also had lots of drama threads, as I'd like to call them.
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  9. Welcome back! The major changes can be found on the timeline. There were a lot of other changes, which the update sub-forum covers well. As for community updates - lots of new staff, new senior staff, some people complaining, some people causing drama, UHC now exists, Dramanya is our events organizer... and that's all I have. ;)