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  1. Hello, EMC players!

    Some of you may know me from a while back, some of you may have no idea who I am.

    Lately I've played by the aliases / alts of goofballbroker and gearmaster08, but now I can play again on this account :D

    I found some cool screenshots from when I played, so I'll add a few of those:

    At my old res 8984 3 years ago:

    On Halloween in 2012 (w/ Disguises) at the Empire Graveyard:

    An EnderDragon in town (I think it was ICC using disguise, can't remember):

    A parrtttaaaaaay at Krysyy's in January 2013:

    R0bbieJo (My all time favorite mod) clearing res w/ TNT (June 2013):

    ICC committing suicide to give us heads (August 2013):

    #Selfie with JackBiggin:

    Yay I won a firefloor!

    #Selfie with Aikar:

    No idea what happened here:

    Aaaand yeah. Sorry for all the pictures.

    Hopefully I'll see some of you around! Let me know if you remember some of those events or remember me :)

  2. I remember youu <3
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  3. I remember seeing your name around a bit in my earlier days. Well, welcome back! :)
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  4. Welcome back! :)
  5. Welcome back! :) I've only been here for about 5 mths. now, so never met you. Maybe I'll see u around in chat or if you're out and about on SMP8. :p
  6. Thanks all for the welcomes :)
    I've been almost exclusively SMP4 for ~4 years, so not much chance of seeing me on smp8
  7. Velcom back my dear vriend. Togedder, ve can rule de vorld!
  8. Welcome back.
  9. Hi golfer. You have nearly 2 years more than me, but the name sounds familiar. Maybe I'll see you around sometime. :)
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  10. I am sure, you didn't see me of my formal lumberjack appearance when I was a noob. I was shall we say 'reborn' into a animatronic and roam the smps. We hope you stay longer this time whenever you left hehehe. Mabey longer than 7 nights.
  11. Welcome back :D , I think I can remember your name...
  12. Thanks for sharing all of those great screen shots! :) And welcome back to this account. :cool:
  13. Welcome back. Although I don't know this account Gearmaster08 sounds familiar.:)