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  1. Hi, I'm new to the server (in fact still in the middle of finishing the tutorial) and would just like to let the community know I've joined the server.
  2. Welcome to the Empire!
    If you need anything, we're all happy to help :p
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  3. Welcome to teh EMC! We hope you love this server like I do!
  4. Welcome to EMC, swing by smp3 if you have any questions you want answers to! ;)
  5. Welcome to the Empire Eridan. Enjoy your stay. If I can help in any way let me know, I'm also on smp3.:)
  6. Welcome to the Empire! :)
  7. Welcome Homestuck, I hope you enjoy your stay in the Empire.(I've only started reading it, but Eridan is my favorite character.)
  8. Welcome! :)
  9. Hey Hey Hey! Welcome to Empire Minecraft ~ !
  10. Hi, and welcome to the empire! You can find lots of interesting stuffs here :)
  11. Hello fellow Homestuck! I hope that you have a great time on EMC and upd8s don't get you down! I'm a newbie too, but maybe we can help each other out! Typically on SMP 9~!
  12. Hey and welcome to EMC!
    Yes, keep in mind... we were all new at one point, and all went thru the same learning curve!
    So, if you ever have questions, be sure to ask!

    See you around!
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