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  1. I'm thermalcode
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  2. Hi Thermal, nice to meet you! :p
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  3. Hello there :)
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  4. to bad I can't play tho. Banned for taking and breaking things on Unprotected Land in Wastelands Wilderness. Sent my appeal. But no reply yet. guess I'll never play here again....
  5. Complaining about your ban doesn't help you in the least
    Wait for your appeal to come through, you never know
  6. Yes... In no case here are you allowed to grief, and since currently there is no proper protection system of wild land, you just have to hope people don't come and steal your stuff, although chests can be locked with signs, but at the price of 1000 rupees.
  7. I will keep the chest lock in mind. My appeal was answered and I get the second chance, at the price of purge.
    I get to start from scratch. Not so bad, at least I will get to play here again. I like it here.. EMC is Unique :)
  8. Good to hear
    Just remember the rules, they're there for a reason
  9. :cool:
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  10. Thanks You! I will be back online and playing again in 9-10 days.
  11. I thought you were JustinGuy :O

    Jk, welcome to the Empire.
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  12. Hello and Welcome!
    Yes, the rule of thumb is that if you didn't collect or build it in the wild, its almost best not to touch it.
    I hardly wander into the wild, but stick to town and the wastelands!
    See you around!