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  1. I guess I've never really formally introduced myself.... My name's Crimson_Style, I like to build stuff even though I fail at it most of them time, and I have a tiny shop at 1162 on SMP1. :p
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  2. Hi There! Welcome to EMC forums!

  3. Hello! Welcome to the forums!
  4. The forums really enhance the EMC experience, plus this is where you find out about great deals, auctions and giveaways!
  5. Thanks! I figured that since I read so many discussions on here I might as well start participating a little, and everyone here is really nice.
  6. Everyone except nick...
  7. hey now lets not point fingers...
  8. Welcome to the forums! Everyone here is nice :DD
  9. You forgot about nick...
  10. <------- That picture is now pointing at you
  11. :D Welcome to EMC Forums! :cool: