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  1. Hello! Let's get into it, shall we?

    I already play on the empire! On a different account. This is now my 2nd account, woot!
    Now, what is my first account? Well.. I mean, it's a bit obvious in my username. I can give a few bits of hints however!
    • I try using a set color on the forums. The color is this.
    • I have been playing for over a year.
    • I enjoy potatoes and pandas.
    • I play on smp6
    Now, the first person to figure out who I am ( Not that hard ) shall get 1k! Yes, not much, but I'm not a billionaire. :(
    Otherwise, i'm likely going to only use this account for... My purposes? So, I'm most likely going to be on my other forum account most of the time.
    Anyways. Time to plot evil plans! Muahahhahahhaaa!!
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  2. Sometimes I wonder about people's mental conditions...
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  3. What is PandasEatRamen for 1k?
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  4. I though pandas ate ramen....

  5. It's not me. I'm not a 13 year old boy, I live on SMP5. I'm actually pretty upset by this because I have been harassed by people and it wouldn't surprise me if it was one of them.
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  6. D: Don't question me! :(
    Some pandas like potatoes also. ^.^

    No PandasEatRamen, i'm not trying to harass you. I actually quite enjoy someone else on the forums actually liking pandas. But, I though this was a cool name... Perhaps I thought wrong.. D:
  7. ITS BRIT!
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  8. -1 for creativity
    Dont want to be mean, but cant you just think of your own name without copying someone's name and change some words of it ?
  9. 1 K It IS?

    WHAT IS NEXT, PANDAS EAT BAMBOO...o wate....They do....
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  10. So, assuming the birthdays are correct on both accounts, we'd just need to find out who was born on march 28. That'd narrow it down from 60000 to about... 200?
  11. It's not Brit either READ THE PROFILE AND THE POST. Brit is a 20 year old female who lives next to me on SMP5. She doesn't use blue font.

    My issue with it is that 1. I wasn't asked if it was ok to use "PandasEat_____" which I use for EVERY account I have. 2. People think that we're the same person. 3. If you do something wrong, I'm gonna be accused of it. 4. Every person on here who has harassed me has been some little 13 year old jerk.
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  12. No offense taken, but I just really liked the name. Not much too it. :(

    Looks like some people are thinking a bit negative. I really respect PandasEatRamen, and I don't exactly see anything wrong if I chose a name like this. I like Pandas and Potatoes, and PandasEatRamen gave me a bit of inspiration to make this name. Don't judge a book by it's cover. So, please don't judge the minecraft name I chose.
    This is really giving me a hard time. I'm sorry PandasEatRamen because I wasn't thinking about how much people judge people's names.

    This is leaving a sore taste in my brain. I'm going to get off the forums for a bit. Bye.
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  13. What is....
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  14. Ok... Perhaps it is just a very creepy, one in 1,000,000,000,000 chance coincidence. Then...If (and this is speaking hypothetically), someone wanted to pull the best prank on EMC (a Title i will clame soon, BWAAAHAHAHAHAH), They would put the effort into making it impossible to track.

    ALL and ALL, Potatoes, you are still welcome to EMC. Please enjoy your stay.
  15. But spending money for a prank? $30? I think that buying a $3 whoopie cushion is prank enough.
  16. Erm, you obviously haven't heard about jcplugs and alexchance3 and alexchance4 yet...
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  17. dood dont copy meh, mah 1k :p nah im messin round man
  18. I have, But still. ^_^
  19. Choongjae is a valued player on EMC.