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  1. New to EMC and Minecraft. I'm PandasEatRamen's Husband. :) She made me convinced me to join. I guess I have to tell you about me? Well..you can just call me Camerin. My name is based off an original character of mine. Um...I'm 30 if that is important? I live on SMP7 at 14161 right next to Pandas. Pandas and I are constructing my version of Wayne Manor. I'm a huge anime and DC comics nerd. Batman being my favorite since I was a little boy. Current skin is Batwoman. Not sure what else to put.
  2. They need a stink-eye smiley >:/
  3. Welcome. I also am a really big comic book fan( Batman rules).
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  4. So your the person who Panda has been talking about. Anyway... Welcome to EMC! I guess?
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  5. Welcome the the empire, I'm, sure you will fit right in!!!
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  6. Cool, glad she talked you in to joining. Hope to see you around LLO some time :)
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  7. Here is a thread on anime.
    Here is a thread on comic books.
  8. Welcome to the EMC.
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  9. Welcome to EMC, how far along are you building Wayne manor
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  10. So far some of the outside wall and working on the inside floors and all that.

    He had to head to work or he'd be replying :)
  11. :eek: another couple on EMC?! What is everything coming to? Well I guess we are really living up to the phrase "Family Friendly :p"
  12. What version of Wayne Manor are you making?
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  13. I couldn't tell you. He has it all planned out in his head, I just go along with it. He imagines up his own versions of things.
  14. Do u like marvel at all? I have the original Bane storyline for batman as well so I can't wait for the new movie ( this is the one where bane breaks batmans back and azarel steps in
  15. It's inspired by Batman the Animated Series and the first Batman film by Tim Burton.

    Yes I like Marvel, not a "I LOVE DC BUT MARVEL SUCKS!" person. I like The Avengers, Deadpool, The Punisher, X-Men, Spiderman, some of the Marvel Knights stuff. Every once in a while I can get into a MAX title.
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  16. It's amazing how many members you come across who are convinced to join by family or friends :D
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  17. Welcome to EMC :D
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  18. Hello!
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  19. Yep it sure is *wink, wink*
  20. do u like cats or dogs
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