To all who read comic books.

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  1. So I thought I would make a thread where people could talk about currently running comic book series that they like. Post comics you like below, but please try to keep as spoiler free as possible. To start things off I currently get:
    Animal Man
    Swamp Thing
    Justice League Dark ( I started getting this one after Jeff Lemire took over.)
    Dial H ( I'm still not sure about this series I might give it a few more issues before I make up my mind.)
    Green Lantern ( I might stop getting this one because I am tired of Geoff Johns not tying up loose ends.)
    Batman & Robin ( I also might stop getting this one because the war of the Robins idea sounds dumb.)
    I have also heard that All-Star Western is pretty good and will probably pre-order the TPB of it.

    I like to read non-superhero series in big chunks. So I borrow the TBPs and hardcovers of The Walking Dead, American Vampire, and Fables from my brother.

    EDIT: I stopped getting Dial H after issue 3. I also stopped getting Batman & Robin because the war of the Robins story arc sounds dumb. And I recently found the first issue of All-Star Western and loved it.
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  2. I mainly read DC comics, and I've really enjoyed Batwoman and Birds of Prey. I'll also catch up on Batman and Nightwing every once in awhile. I tried to get into Catwoman but.. that was a train wreck just waiting to happen. I haven't really read much lately though, DC has been doing a lot of things I couldn't care about.
  3. I liked Batwoman: Elegy but couldn't get into the idea of her fighting ghosts in the monthlies( the art is really good though). I haven't ever read Birds of Prey and didn't even bother trying to read Catwoman. Not sure what you are referring to in the last sentence though.
  4. Yeah, I thought that was strange too. The art and the story just really pulled through for me though.

    I'm referring to how they are treating some of their characters, like how Catwoman is depicted (Have you seen the cover for Catwoman #0? Makes me cringe). I'm also not a fan of them benching Cassandra Cain and Stephanie Brown. It's not just the New 52 either, they've done some pretty whacked up stuff in the past, like killing off Lian Harper and then the infamous scene with Roy Harper and the dead cat.
  5. I always hate it when some idiot writer messes up a series( like bringing Jason Todd back to life). It seems that if fans don't like something another writer will write in out of canon in a few years. Some of the stuff happening in The New 52 really excites me, other things not so much. Although The New 52 coupled with Crisis events really help streamline canon.
  6. Err is MAD considered a comic?
  7. I guess so.
  8. Then MAD
  9. I like potatoes, not comics...
  10. You couldn't of said it better. I completely agree.
  11. I get comics inherited from my uncle so far have the entire legends of the dc universe most avengers all of the spider and and 500 sperman action comics I also have the original death of superman
  12. You totaly forgot about Calvin and Hobes :(
  13. Lol I have every collection
  14. Also feel free to post your favorite graphic novels and older comic book series. Here are some of mine:
    Batman Year One
    Batman The Long Halloween
    Batman Dark Victory
    Batman Haunted Knight
    Batman The Killing Joke
    Batman Arkham Asylum A Serious House on Serious Earth
    Batman Arkham City
    Batman The Black Mirror
    Batman The Gates of Gotham
    Batwoman Elegy
    Penguin Pain and Prejudice
    Superman Red Son
    All Star Superman
    Identity Crisis
    Villains United
    The Secret Six
    Animal Man ( the Grant Morrison run )
    The Saga of the Swamp Thing ( Alan Moore's run )
    V for Vendetta
    The League of Extraordinary Gentleman
    Lost Dogs
    New X-Men
    I borrowed Essex County but haven't read it yet. I have also heard Batman Earth One and Superman Earth One are good but haven't read them.
  15. Yes.
  16. This thread doesn't just count stuff like Donald Duck and Marvel as comics does it? Because I read ALOT of manga :)

    I'm currently reading the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time manga, which is pretty awesome so far :D It's a little short though :( Which means I gotta buy the rest of the LoZ manga as well haha :p
  17. The only comic books I ever read was Calvin And Hobbes. And they were so boss, they made me crap my 9 year old pants.
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  18. Feel free to post Manga.
  19. I have also read Scott Pilgrim. Not really sure what to classify that as.
  20. I bet people can guess what I read.