Hello shopkeepers and mega mall holders!

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  1. I am trying to put together a list for myself of where all the shops are throughout EMC. If you would all be so kind as to list your smp location/s and res number/s I would much appreciate it! (Btw I am trying to eventually set up a supply res for shops to stock up on if they run low!)

    Much thanks
  2. 405 on SMP1 as well as 4005 on SMP2 :)
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  3. 1937 smp1 and soon a mall on 611 :) Also 19263 on smp9 :) Like the idea, btw ;)
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  4. 16181 on smp8
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  5. On smp5, 10199 and sort of 10498. The last one is a medium shop, but I like it.
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  6. SMP1 1148

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  8. 6244, SMP3 [Buying/Selling + Bulk Buying] Under construction, opening will be announced!
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  9. Thank you to everyone that responded ^_^ And bloodr1ane yes it is very similar to that thread...there are so many threads I missed that one. Thank you ^_^ if a mod wants to close this because it is similar that would be great ill watch that other thread! :D

    Also anyone need dirt ;p
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  10. 3004 smp2
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  11. You don't necessarily need to close this thread, it's still very useful :)
    I just didn't know if you were aware of the other thread.
    Also, I just read that Amazingstew, the creator of the other thread is not adding horse-shops, maybe it's an opportunity for you?
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  12. Thank you boozle
    And thanks blood :) I will look into that :)
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  13. 19500 on Smp9 is going to be opened hopefully in the next few days. :)
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  14. Thank you! :)
  15. 14141 smp8
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  16. 2303 horse shop & potion store.
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  17. Checkout southpark347's res on smp1, it has a list which is pretty good (covers all servers)
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  18. Btw 14141 is on Smp7 :/
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  19. 1962, on smp1, Mega Mall! :D
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  20. 12345 smp6, Closed for Rebuilding, and stocking, Opening Soon.
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