Hello, My name is neverah123, but call me brynlee <3

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  1. Hello, My user is neverah123, but you can call me Brynlee <3. I'm not new to EMC. Visit my res some time please <3 <3 :p
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  2. I hate to say this to a friend but you aren't allowed to beg for things.
  3. Welcome to the forums, brynlee :D

    How is she begging?
  4. Who,me, im begging? o.o
  5. I'm defending you.
  6. Okay. sorry :]
  7. Welcome to the Empire! Have a great time here!
    If you ever need some cheap basic materials, come to my shop on SMP9 (/v 18891)

    Well, by asking for donations.

    Begging is indeed not allowed here. Don't worry though, this is your first time on the forums :D
    Become a rule expert in no time at rules.EMC.gs :)
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  8. I'm fine with you defending me, but I apologized for it. :]
  9. Okay, thanks! :] And yes, this is my first time on the forums. I never really looked at them.O.O
  10. Sorry, took me a while to read that.

    My apologies. Neverah123 begging isn't allowed
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  11. Figured so. I'm still learning some rules I didn't know about everyday :p
  12. IK :] I changed the post to :/
  13. What I meant was that because it's her first time on the forums, she doesn't know all the rules right away, so it's not a big deal
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  14. True :oops:
  15. I'm sorry I begged....:oops::(
  16. Welcome! Dont worry about the begging now. You are new! You will learn the rules in just a day or so :)
    Just make sure to read them ;)
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  17. Its okay, i just like to make sure newbies learn the emc ways asap :] ;)
  18. Welcome to EMC, smp4 rules
  19. Hi Brynlee. Welcome to the Empire and the forums. :) I'm sure you will continue to enjoy yourself. ;)
  20. Thanks :)