Hello, Let me introduce myself!

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  1. I am a minecrafter (not your everyday minecrafter).I am on mc a lot (i even have a server) and i would like to give this server a try. So i have been on for a long time and i just got the idea to introduce myself so hello! This ever is a lot of fun so i will be on more!
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  2. 1st
  3. [
  4. 2nd hello !!!
  5. What smp are you on ?
  6. hello and atm none
  7. So you have been on a lot but don't have a town plot ?
  8. i do my res is on smp8 im just not on the server atm
  9. Oh that's what I meant.
  10. Welcome to EMC!
    I just wanted to say hi
  11. hello
  12. I hope you are still having a good time. :)
  13. ik i am i hope everyone else is too!
  14. Welcome to the empire! :) We are the server with the superior staff team and friendly community :D
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  15. Welcome to the empire! :D
  16. :D Welcome to the forums! :cool:
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