Hello, I'm Wicked :)

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  1. Hello, I'm Wicked. I've been on EMC for over 200 days but never really introduce myself on the "forums" hahaha, but here I go :). So I been playing Minecraft for about 3 years. Started out on the Xbox Minecraft then made the move to PC about a year ago. I produce YouTube videos. Some were made on EMC. I play on SMP9 and Highly into the community and get on daily because I have so many cool dudes I know on there. Some are close friends too. I even helpped make a few towns in the wild and help make a goverment. So yeah. If you every see me, Don't be afraid to say Hi :)
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  2. Ha ha, nice to meet you! :D It's cool that you're into governmental issues within outposts. :) I know a few people who I think you'd like. ;) If you produce YouTube videos, have you considered trying to join the YouTuber team? You never know, you might just make it! :)
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  3. Welcome to the Empire and the forums Wicked. Enjoy your time here. :)
  4. Welcome to the Empire and its forums, Wicked! Hope you're having fun! :D
  5. What's the youtuber team? explain more please lol
  6. To apply:
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  7. Hi! What's your channel name? :)
  8. My channel is youtube.com/JustWG
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  9. This is really ironic. You've been playing for 200 days, then how come underneath your username, it says "new player"
  10. Because it's determined by the amount of trophy points you have, and he doesn't have much yet. Which is obvious, because he hasn't been on for a year and hasn't made many posts nor got many likes.