Hello I'm ReeXz

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  1. Hello Everyone...
    Played on EMC now for some weeks and I really like it so thought I'd introduce myself. Much better than other servers out there. I found my way here by google, no idea what I searched for.

    I'm pretty new to minecraft online gaming even though I've played minecraft since the first beta was out. So please have patience if I'm not up to speed with server specific things.

  2. Welcome to the Empire! :)
  3. THX


    damn you were fast to post :D
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  4. You have to learn a lot of things... Like gray texting ;P
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  5. Welcome to EMC :) Remember to thoroughly read the guide if you haven't already and feel free to ask me anything, usually on SMP2 :)
  6. Same here! Just do /p nfell2009 and it will say where I am!
  7. LMAO... got it right away :p

    Thx guys! nfell2009 you're hard to miss, you're always on and active in chat :p
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  8. Gray text fail! xD And your a SMP4er! :D
  9. Welcome to empire minecraft!!!!:D:D I usually play on utopia but i hope to see you around on other server's.
  10. lol... yeah used same gray shade as cascarrillo! and yes im on smp4, you should know your at my res right now :p

    thx Xxandster700xX
  11. Welcome to the Empire!
    Hope you have enjoyed it on here so far!
    And since noone asked it yet, how did you find out about us?
    Someone gotta teach me gray text someday...
  12. Yes they do alex, yes they do
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  13. Im know how First person to know that this is here will get 100r!
  14. Now give me my money. :3
    (Or to ReeXz.)
  15. Paid you both :D
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  16. XD thx...
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  17. thx... I found my way here by google, no idea what I searched for.