Hello, I'm Neon! Nice to meet you all!

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  1. I started playing this server yesterday and was immediately blown away by how friendly everyone is. When I completed the tutorial, a bunch of players came to visit me at my res and give me gifts! I've never experienced that kind of kindness on a minecraft server before :)

    Anyway, I'm Neon (or Raven if you prefer), and I've been playing minecraft for quite a few years. I'm a pixel artist who does large 2D images (Pokemon sprites, for example) as well as detailed structures. I usually work alone, but every once in a while I get to meet some amazing trustworthy people and we go on to create some pretty incredible things. I'm hoping to set up a shop in smp 5 as well as a base out in the wild. Feel free to send me art requests or odd jobs. I love to feel useful :p
  2. Welcome to EMC neon (I'm neon too)!!
    I'm sure you'll love it here, everyone's very friendly and willing to help :D :D
  3. Hello. Welcome To EMC. Enjoy :)
    Don't forget to visit /v 2233
  4. Welcome to EMC, neon! :)
  5. Welcome! :) I know, right? Sometimes it can be a bit quiet on the servers nowadays, but when people are online, they are pretty much always kind!
  6. Welcome to EMC
  7. Welcome to the empire.
    You should get mumble and join us on there sometime :)
  8. Welcome, Raven :p

    Any pictures of your pixel art? I'm pretty curious
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  9. Welcome to EMC! Hope you enjoy it here! :)
  10. Thanks for the welcome everybody! I'll be sure to come check out your residences :) In response to Alice, a huge regret of mine is that I didn't get any pictures of my minecraft art before the server corrupted and was wiped. I had been on there for years, and was expecting the art to be as long-lived, so the wipe took me completely by surprise. I'll dig through my old screenshots and see if I can scrounge anything up. I did a lot of Pokemon and things like cathedrals and castles. I also built something like a "Hall of Greats", where mods and famous players could commission giant statues of themselves. My favorite might have been the Rayquaza :p
  11. I'm coming for you
  12. Welcome to EMC :)
  13. I'll be waiting
  14. Welcome to emc ;)
  15. Welcome to the Empire neon. There are a lot of amazing people on this server. Have fun. :)
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  16. Welcome to the Empire! :)
  17. Welcome. Enjoy...what server you interested in?