hello i have a need in some 1 that knows about pc building

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  1. basicly at my work i somtimes find pc parts that are like super out of date but the
    point is its fun to build pc with the ting is im stil learning and i find it fairy fun to sit down test parts and stuf i somtimes need information about tings or tips

    i used to ask bryanm but with his scedule like coming on for cople mondsleaving for like monds
    that was not ideal
    so i started asking te fryedmans that has great nolige of pc
    but since he has irl stuf i can only ask him stuf in the weekend somtimes so
    the point is i was wondering if some 1 wanted to add me on discord and wen i have qestions 1s a wille ansure them

    not much reqeurments just pc nolige that more than mine or a amound that will be help full
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  2. Hm, sounds interesting! I do not have much more knowledge of hardware than you do, though, I think. Have you asked Tom? It might help that he speaks Dutch. ;)
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  3. You can ask my anything bro.
  4. Linus Tech Tips made a video on Youtube making the cheapest computer possible, recently. May not be as "ancient" or "retro" as you may wish it would be, but there's other YouTube creators who have you covered in that regard! ;)
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