hello i have a big anounce ment about 28 september

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  1. hello members of emc my birday is coming up on 28 september

    i like some presents but the thing is i normaly forget to give them back to the players that gave me a present besides merek never forget him lol

    i have found a sulution if u give me somting for my birday i will give somting back thats around 50k

    for efry 1 that gives me a good presend

    plus i will be turning 16 so thats a big thing
    mainly enshurance wise becouse now im at a school u would normaly go to wen your 16 mainly enshurance becouse wen your 16 ure are alowed to work with table saw and oder things becouse if ur hurd the inshurance says how can hé be working with that macine we wont pay any thing the only way i can curently work with macines is wen a teacher is standing close even if im more Capeble than most 16 year olds since most of the time wen your 16 you probely never touched a pice of wood or barely i dit a ton but also things like fork lift licence also inshurance becouse i can drive fork lift prety good but not probely 100% the savest way im curently working in recycling so u cant rilly break things
    since most tings i drive with need to be cut apart any ways or the bins the stuf will go into also are prety sturdy so u cant break any thing thats nice but driving with exspensife things i probely can learn somting

    2 thing i like to tell about not birday rilated but just somting thats part of my job i alrady enjoy my job but
    we normaly demolition the hole building in 1 part with a crane way easy er but somtimes like 1 in 20 buildings ther is 1 we need to clear out and ther are pearls in them buildings that are filled with stuf places were houders lived and are a total mess

    i like those buildings are super dirty like buildings were the stuf is staked to the roof i love those buildings becouse ther is a lot of stuf mainly a ton tons and tons of stuf and i like stuf last building i dit find 16 euro found around 500 euro in brand New tools anoug tools of qualety brands that i now have a hole sey with tools like efry ting badic u need that normaly cost around 500 euro for those tools bougt them for 5 euro of cake becouse those thools were around 5kilo in metal we normaly buy that for 25 cents per kilo so win win
    the place were cleaning now is from a old farmer dont know wen hé died but badicly hé died they closed the doors never looked at it again maybe the rooms atleast like 50years old or older but the guy proby died maybe with in the last 10 or 20 years max but afther they locked the door some pipel came smashed efry thing apart trown bikes troug the Windows and stuf the oder thing is wenday i sord of alrady am at my jobs tnx to me be ing smart and asking my school to do work exspiriens at my actual job so normaly i dont get payed but this time if i stayed the hole day got also payed for the normal school hours so good deal lol wondering if im gona buy a tractor or somting who knows or a plow jack hamer lol
  2. dras im counting on you
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  3. Happy early bday
  4. happy early bday danni poo
  5. yes I will go to the post office this week
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  6. Happy early bday

    It is gift being able to have opportunity to be more capable than average at younger age

    Sets you up for bigger things sooner

    Take it easy out there :+1:
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  7. the mean reason im like as good as i am is mainly just having fun in work i rilly like doin stuf with my hands wille oder students at my school are there just becouse they need to be there law but i also
    need to be there but i actuly like it insteed of most pipel that are just there to be there

    basicly i like school