Hello, I am Ultimamaxx

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Have you been to 16097?

Yeah, it looks great 9 vote(s) 39.1%
Yeah, but I don't like it :( 5 vote(s) 21.7%
Yeah, I love it 9 vote(s) 39.1%
  1. I never did this when I first joined on May 29th, 2012, so here goes:

    I am Ultimamaxx. My real name is Toby.
    My favorite color is green

    my residence at 16097 has free shearing, public enchanting, and public anvils.
    I have made a back-in-time residence on 16098 so people could see how my residence used to look
    I am going to make a huge noteblock song at 16144 that'll crash EMC.
    emc is also down right now cause of LAG so I decided to get on here
    I have two hotels: one nice looking one at 16097 and one under construction at 16143.
    I am very helpful and I try to help those who ask for help
    I'm well known on smp8 as "the guy that has free shearing and free shears if you ask"
    my residence looks good and is really cool. go visit it!
    I have recently gotten diamond supporter
    I really want more people to get on smp8 (sometimes it's dead)
    I don't like tourists on smp8

    one thing that is bad is... EMC servers are still down..
  2. oops the vote thing is messed up
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  3. c: Hi i'm Grace. c: Nice to meet you personitotallyhavenoideawhomyouare.
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  4. Hey, I know you!!
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  5. ^ I've bought from kuras kreatures before :0
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  6. Hey, nice to meet you. My real name is Eric.
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  7. "I don't like how people go to smp8 to gather and steal our resources" what do you mean? are you scared the wild will run out of resources? :p
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  8. Your the guy who photobombed me when I was taking pictures of my res :p
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  9. Oh... I always thought you were an incredibly intelligent pig... :0
  10. Never seen you
    (Kidding of course)
    Welcome to the Empire's Smp8, I'd love to get to know you :3
    You can call me Conner. Everyone seems to know my real name :p
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  11. I remember you. You are the guy who kept mining blocks out from under me at neonkillahs residence the other day. "Very helpful" indeed.
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  12. I've seen you around :p
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  13. you guys are like a week late
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  14. Nice to meet you, Like I haven't already :D
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  15. you're like 9 months late
  16. *shakes trotter* Nice to meet ya, Ultimapig! I feel like I've seen you before... nah, couldn't be.
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  17. Woo, go SMP8! :D And, erm, welcome to EMC, I guess? lol
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  18. Seeing as how it's been 9 months, have you done this yet?
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  19. Hey, I would say welcome, however I have seen you around loads!
    But for the fun of it, Welcome! hehehe.
    See ya around man!
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  20. no
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