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  1. Greetings Folks,

    I'm Lord Tristem pleased to meet you all.
    I was looking for a new Minecraft server to replace the one I used to play on (Sadly it died which made me sad I loved that server), and I do believe I may have found a replacement with yours

    That said before I decide whether or not this will be permanent I have a few questions I wish to ask about your server if that's okay

    1. I'm curious as to why you guys have this Frontier/Wilderness arrangment where you can only mine in the wilderness and can only build in the Frontier why do you guys have this arrangement?

    2. I'm attempting to optimize my settings so they work on your server and I was wondering if you guys might know how to resolve this issue. I'm having trouble with chunks not loading or flickering in and out.

    3. I think I got a good handle on your economic system figured out but I don't quite understand how the shop signs work can someone explain them for me?

    I thank you in advance for your help.
    Anyway I look foreword to playing with you all.
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    1. The frontier was by itself for a while and people uses it to mine and build. Whenever an update added blocks, the fronteir would have to be reset meaning everyone's builds would be lost. To fix this problem, the wastelands were introduced which are reset every so often to spawn new blocks for new versions. The only build in frontier and only mine in wastelands are really just suggestions. You can mine in the frontier and build in the wastelands. Frontier mining is actually done by many.
    2. Do you have mods installed? Do you see this behavior on other servers and worlds?
    3. Buyers can left click a shop sign to buy items. The corresponding item is tranfered from the chest and into a players inventory while the rupees are tramsfered from the buyer to the seller. The reverse happens when you right click to sell to a sign. All of this is automatic and is actually really simple and easy once you use it a few times.
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  2. There are the Frontier and the Wastelands. In the Frontier you can build, in the Wastelands you can mine. Why? Well, go look at the Frontier. Near spawn, it's extremely messed up, and it's very hard to get around. Frontier never resets, and if it would continue to be used as a mining resource, it would look worse and worse. So that's why we implemented the Wastelands. The Wastelands reset once every few months, to allow for fresh, easy to go to ground, and a good place to go to mine without having to worry about your staircase griefing the terrain forever.
    The Frontier is now the place to build your outposts. Because well, if you're going to build in the Wastelands, you can be sure all your builds and probably chests are going to be wiped away within a few months. When you're having an outpost in the Frontier, you're allowed to do whatever you want there, including mining, as long as you do not ruin the terrain near spawn.
    As for the shop signs: http://empireminecraft.com/wiki/player-shops-and-currencies/
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  3. Hey there! Welcome to EMC and Happy Holidays!
    I'll try to answer your questions:
    1. A few months back, we only had the Frontier, but that was causing some problems, mainly some players wanting it to reset to get new blocks/ores/items, and other players not wanting it to reset, as they had (still have) huge outposts. So we have the wastelands as a place where you can mine as much as you wish, cause it will eventually reset and generate new stuff.
    2. Try getting OptiFine (if you don't have it yet), lower your render distance to 6 (it's capped at 6 in the wilderness and 4 in town), and if you do have OF, change the Chunk Loading options until you find one that fits you (mine is set to Smooth).
    3. Those are pretty simple, there are 4 lines on a sign. 1st line is the shop owner's name. 2nd line is how many of that item is being sold. 3rd line is Buy/Sell price. So if you have a sign like this: B 16:S 8, it means that the player sells the item for 16 rupees and buys it for 8r. Left click to buy and right click with an empty hand to sell. 4th line is the item's name, so you know what you're buying. If you need further info, such as how to set up a shop sign, check the wiki: http://empireminecraft.com/wiki/player-shops-and-currencies/

    Hope it helps, have a good time on EMC!
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  4. Your questions seem to be answered, but if you want to know more then feel free to reply. Welcome to EMC and I hope you have a great time! :)
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  5. That's already an introduction to the friendliness of people here: 3 replies at once :p
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  6. Ah my thanks you guys. Yes this does answer my questions I've just never seen a server divide Mining and survival like this before. Then again I haven't been on too many servers.

    To answer your question No I do not have Optifine installed I've never had reason too but I'll give it a try now the main reason I never needed it before is that until recently I've never played on servers (with the exception of the one that died) only single player. Although I'll probablt try the render distance first since mines set to 8 so perhaps that's the problem.

    I have seen this flickering on a few others but not all it might depend on the server.
  7. First off, welcome to the Empire.

    1. You'll see Frontier and Wilderness - there's one of each for the overworld and nether. The Frontier never gets reset, and is primarily for building and exploring. The wastelands gets reset periodically, making it ideal for mining. Because mining can destroy the terrain, it's recommended that you mine in the wastelands. However, it's not required. You can still mine in the frontier.

    2. I'm not great with these kind of things. Just note that there's a max render distance of 4 in town and 6 everywhere else.

    3. Shop signs are used to buy and sell items - they prevent scam and automate the selling system. Here's how they're used:

    - Left Click on the sign to buy.
    - Right Click on the sign to sell.
    - Some signs are just for selling or just for buying.

    - Creating shop signs:
    - First Line: your name
    - Second Line: Quantity
    - Third Line: Buy/Sell Price
    - Buy Price:Sell Price format
    - Just Buy Price if the sign is just for buying
    - :Sell Price if it's just for selling
    - Fourth Line: Item
    - For enchanted items, hold the item in hand and do /iteminfo for what to put here.

    - A completed shop sign should look like this:

    If you ever need anything else, just PM me at pm.emc.gs/PenguinDJ and I can help you out.
  8. The primary reason for the division of the Frontier and Wastelands is because of the resetting nature of the Wastelands. As many have already told you, the Frontier was the old world, but in order to provide a fresh supply of resource blocks and not delete everyone's outposts, the Wastelands was created. The wastelands are where you mine because there will almost always be resources ripe for the picking without the need to travel thousands of blocks out. If you mine in the frontier, it will be far more effort to find the resources because they do not regenerate. The reason we say not to build in the wastelands is because it WILL reset. We don't want you to put a lot of hard work and effort into a build and have it destroyed when we clear the world to provide fresh resources.

    Therefore, please build any permanent structures in the frontier and gather your resources in the wastelands.
  9. Yep I can't argue with that.

    I think I'm gonna enjoy myself on this server
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  10. Welcome to the Empire Lord_Tristem. :)
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  11. Welcome to the Empire! :)
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  12. Why thank you two for the warm welcome sorry for the late reply Mr. Ronald but I wasn't here much yesterday what with it being Christmas