Hello Guys Can You Help Me About Something....

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  1. Guys How Can I Get A Front Skin ─░mage jpg/png ? ( From Computer )
  2. I'm not so sure what you need, but Are you looking for this?

    1. Open the run/search feature on your PC
    2. type %appdata%
    3. then go to roaming/.minecraft/bin
    4. open minecraft.jar with Winrar/7zip
    5. Go to the Mobs file
    6. And there you can find all the skins in the game.
  3. No Player Skins Like Me You etc. From A Website or something
  4. Ah, you could just go to Minecraft.net and change your skin You'll need a file for that by the way. Now if you are looking for a template or something you can find many around the internet.
    Here's one in case you need it.
    < This picture is 64x64. You can also use this template below just in case.

    Now if you want some player-made ones here goes some sites for you.

    I hope it helps!
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  5. No No A Head Picture Only Head Front Like This On My Profile Picture!
  6. Like this one
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  7. Like this?

    I just opened your profile picture in a new tab and grabbed the link.