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  1. Hello there. my name is Phil, my IGN is PhilGrocholl. I am not brand new to The Empire, I played here back in January of this year (2014), but ended up on another server that is closed for a while. anyway, I am 41, single, no kids, and I am an Over The Road Truck Driver. I run mostly the midwest and west coast states, but I prefer to run in the southeast when I can. We haul food, everything from pizzas and ice cream to meat and cheese to produce and pies. My home is in upstate New York, in the beautiful Catskill Mountains, where I have lived all my life.

    I got into Minecraft after being bored with other games like The Sims 3, and some games on the iPhone. A few popular Simmers made a lets play video about Minecraft, and it looked like they were having so much fun, that I decided I had to try it too! Needless to say, I was hooked, and I've been playing ever since I started in December 2013.

    what i like best about Empire is the generous plots we have to build on, and the fact that it is Not PVP! There always seem to be people online so it never seems to be dull. without multiplayer, I'm not sure I would have stuck with it, but I'm glad I did, cause it's fun, and I'm having a blast! meeting lots of people from all over the world is exciting too. I play on SMP4, so I hope to see y'all round the neighborhood!
  2. Hope you enjoy yourself! Hopefully Ill catch you ingame sometime :)
    Dont know about SMP4 though, SMP8 is the place to be! :p
  3. When did you start playing minecraft? Like, what release?
  4. I think it was release 1.64. Whatever the latest one was at Christmas time, I started on December 21st.
  5. Yay SMP4, Sims as well! :p
    Do you have Sims 4?
    I would say welcome, but you're not too new haha, so welcome to the forums!
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  6. Nope, no Sims 4. Not sure if I will get it either. I'm a bit busy with Minecraft. lol
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  7. Heyo! Stop by smp2 if you ever want to talk ;D
  8. Welcome to the Empire forums Phil.
  9. oooo! Welcome back! just in time for....

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  10. Welcome, check out my skin, our skins look alike, and P.S, if you wanna reply to a post hit the "reply" button, the BB code will appear automagically
  11. Welcome and welcome back to the Empire! :)
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  12. Thanks for the warm welcomes! :) I will try to visit the other servers when I can. I love looking at all of your creations! There are some very talented builders in this game! I think that is one thing that I like most about Minecraft, how creative you can be without any restrictions. Unlike a Sim City game where you just plop down a lot or a building, that is what you get without much freedom to change things, here you can create everything from the ground up, including the ground!
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  13. In simcity 3000 world edition you can edit buildings though ;) (I accidentally ruined the hospital thingy by not knowing how it worked)