Hello from Massachusetts

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  1. Hello everyone,

    My name is Ron and I a started playing minecraft three months ago. I have been playing single player and was looking for a change So I began looking for a good cooperative minecraft server and found EMC. This is my 1st time playing on a minecraft server and am trying to figure everything out.

    I am looking forward to meeting new people and going on adventures together.
  2. Welcome to the Empire! Have fun! :)
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  3. Welcome to EMC, Ron!

    That name reminds me of the character Nervous Ron from Grand Theft Auto V. Pretty funny character that one... Haha :D.

    Anyways, I hope you have a great time here on EMC, and have as much fun as I had throughout these years.

    If you ever need help, you can ask one of the staff members, they are all awesome people and great friends too!

    Oh and since this is the Empire Minecraft, I got one thing to say to you... :D
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  4. Welcome to EMC :)
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  5. Welcome to EMC!!
  6. Welcome to the Empire, I hope you're going to enjoy yourself here. And yeah, as you noted yourself the server is fully build around coop and PVE, the only place where PVP is a thing is the PVP arena on SMP6. There are many things which are different from singleplay (the town world and all its capabilities come to mind here) but the moment you venture out in the waste (mining world) or wilderness (building survival world) you'll notice that EMC sits very close to the vanilla experience.

    And if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask! :)
  7. Hi Ron. Welcome to the Empire. Enjoy your stay. :)
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  8. Welcome to EMC!! If you need some help many players are cooperative and helpful. I would love to meet you some time what server are you? I am mostly on SMP2 and SMP4, Hope to see you.
  9. Welcome to EMC Ron! :)
  10. Welcome to Empire Minecraft! :)
  11. Welcome to thy Empire Ron and enjoy you stay! If you ever need anything or would like to talk, I can usually be found in the depths of smp9. :D
  12. Welcome to the Empire!!!
    Thy Fun awaits... :)

    I can be found on smp2 if you need anything...
  13. Thank you everyone, I am on smp1
  14. Welcome to EMC, smp4 rules
  15. I am from ma too
  16. I grew up in Massachusetts (Granville), but currently live in North Carolina. I think you'll find EMC is a welcoming and fun Minecraft server. You'll find me on SMP3 for the most part, but I sometimes wander for the mining events.
  17. Welcome to the empire, Ron. What smp have you chosen for your home? :)