Hello everyone!

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by beachgoonie, Jan 2, 2015.

  1. Hello.

    I am new to the server and I wanted to say hello. I am a bit confused at moment with all the server options but I am sure I'll figure it out.

    I hope to see you in game. I enjoy playing and I will probably be on allot.

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  2. Welcome. You'll soon get the hang of things, and there's plenty of nice folks around to help you.

    See you around. :)
  3. Welcome to the PARTAY!!!, May I ask which smp you are calling home. I'm from smp4
  4. Welcome to the Empire beachgoonie. Lots of friendly people on a great server. Relax and have fun. If you have a question, just ask anybody. :)
  5. I am a member of smp 6
  6. Thank you all for the welcome :)
  7. Welcome to the Empire! :)
  8. Welcome! :)
  9. Yay a fellow smp6-er!
  10. Welcome to the Empire! :)