Hello everyone!

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  1. Hey there,
    I am Bandoro and i have been playing on the EMC server for a couple of months now, just didnt have the time to be on the forums much;).
    But now ill be active daily on the forums and try and help as much of you as i can with questions.
    If you ever have a question just ask me or any of the other 1000 helpfull people.
    Seeya on the server!
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  2. Welcome Bandoro! We've met and talked a fair bit already in your time here actually, but nice to see you settling in! :D
  3. Welcome to The Great and Powerful! EMPIRE! *cheers from the crowd*
  4. Haha Thank you both!
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  5. Welcome to the forums Bandoro. :)
  6. Thank you!:)
  7. welcome to emc and their forums! if you need anything or just want something to do stop by smp3 im always on there and always willing to chat with anyone
  8. Yay for more forum people! :D
  9. One you start the forum life, you don't leave :p Which sometimes isnt too bad!
    I'd suggest getting involved in as many forums as possible, it's a wonderful place to meet new people on the other SMPs ;)

    Edit: Also, nice profile pic o.o
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