Hello Everyone

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  1. Only been here a few weeks, lovin the game since my nephew got me hooked.

    Call me Bear. I am on alot, smp2
  2. Let me be the old guy to welcome you! :D
    Take off your shoes and stay awhile. The Empire's good for everyone :)
  3. Hey Bear!

    Remember my most important rule: You shalt have fun! :D
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  4. Welcome to EMC!

    Mine Long and Prosper.

    (I have no idea about anything Star Trek other than this :p I'm the MLP guy not the Star Trek guy.)
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  5. Welcome to EMC :)
  6. Didn't give a proper hello But I've talked to you on 2 with Alex
    Welcome :p
  7. Always have fun :) Since everyone has a shop, hopefully I made the 1st factory setting to be a supplier. Hope its an original, come visit sometime and I'll show ya around.
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  8. Ty :) hope you enjoyed visiting Blackstone Factory, its slowly comin along, lol
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  9. Hi there, hope you enjoy yourself :D
  10. Welcome to the empire! The home of herobrine !