Hello everyone, it Nobama4ever on smp4

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  1. I have about 14k rupees now without buying them from the site. So if you have trouble getting rupees then I have a solution that works for me. 1.meet new people- meeting new people helps you to connect and have bonds with people soon to be your friends. 2.be generous and not greedy- host drop parties every now and then, give people free things or if someone ask for supplies just say "here's some for free". 3. Be polite- say "no problem or np" "hey" "no thanks" "yes please" "thanks" etc... 4. Make shops- get a (chest) and (sign)/ on sign put your name in top line, quantity of how much of the item you are selling on the second line, B #:S # or just B # or S#. I started playing around 3 days ago and I have got my brother playing on this server and I now am at 14k rupees and counting, and my res is growing fast. If you have any questions about my res MEMBERSHIP (which is free) go in game on smp4 an /tell Nobamaever. I hope everyone visit my res on smp4 at /v 8268. I soon hope to e a moderator or supporter but until I am accepted by someone I would love for rupee donations and visits. Thanks and Sub 2 Xeno SniperHD on YouTube. :) :) :) :)
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  2. Have you every played EMC before? What was your username?
  3. Anyways, Welcome to the empire! I love seeing new members thriving! Here, have 1111r :D
  4. Well, nobama4ever was right about getting rupees by being polite.
    I would give some but I just burned my 47 k to 1 k
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  5. Nice username. ;)
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  6. My Username is Nobama4ever and i started a couple days ago
  7. thanks, visit 8268 check it out
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  8. Welcome to the Empire! :)
  9. As a liberal, nice username :p. Welcome to the empire, and I will just ignore the name :/
  10. That is the best username I have ever seen , u sir are da man