Hello everyone, don't take this the wrong way.

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You shall forgive me and treat me like a normal person

Yea, you seem nice and look like a nice friend. 3 vote(s) 60.0%
Get lost. 3 vote(s) 60.0%
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  1. Hello Empire Minecraft.

    No I am not leaving but I just want to say this. Please dont twist it or say harsh things. All I ever wanted was to be like everyone else.

    I might of been weird before and made some akward things. I might of been annoying sometimes. All I ever want is to be like the awesome normal people here. I used to play Emc all alone with a few little friends. I then went onto the fourms. It was nice and cool here. I was new so I might of made a few mistakes, such as making a thread in the Auctions place instead of the right place. I try to be like everyone else but I guess I just cant. A while back I might of made a thread with a ton of spelling mistakes and other things. I did not know people will take it the wrong way. I Have become someone that most people think is weird. I Felt so tiny with all the giant things happening around me. Some people wish I never was born. I was just a quiet person with a few long gone friends. I Had gotten better at things. Started a Project with MasterMockery. I have tried to Mature more. I Have tried all I could. Sometimes I try to be nice but I just get yelled at and get my feelings hurt. I wish I was like everyone else. Being King of the MA. Having 500 thousand Rupees. Owning huge things. I Just dont know what to do with my self.
    I am Asking Empire Minecraft to please forget all the mistakes I have done. Just count me as a Normal person. But as I know. There are people who will just let me down.
    I guess I have a bad sense of humor. I try my best at school so I can get online more.
    Please Emc. Please forget anything I have done to you. I have never found a Server like this. When I saw all about Bob when he made that thread. I told me Dad and he said Emc is so kind and Cool. I used all the money I got to become a Diamond. I try and try. But I guess not.

    No I am not leaving. I just had to let my feeling out. I know the next person to reply is gonna be like Iz d0Nt C4re. Getz l0est!
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  2. Well I have been on EMC longer then this account has :p but i never found u annoying. In fact ur a pretty cool and chill kinda guy :)
  3. You already made one of these - and this is the exact same. Nobody hates you on EMC, so stop running around the forum saying people do.
  4. Ok man, no need to be harsh.
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  5. I never thought you were weird, and I'm sure I speak for EMC when I say we love having you around :)
  6. That wasn't harsh. It was the truth. Nobody can hate you through EMC, but threads like these can get annoying and they will make people find you annoying - trust me, been there, done that ;)
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  7. He was sincere about it, you could just discard it instead of correcting his apology.
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  9. He does not get the point of the thread
  10. On the first day I got on Emc forums I made thread. Alexchance showed me how. I had bamastake made it in the wrong place so Jack_bagby helped me out. Then later on. 3 4ths of all my threads Have been criticized, no one would miss me if I left.
  11. Fix'd.

    You have no idea how much Jake hates it when people call him that... :p
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  12. the last thread you made like this was closed. this one is the same one almost word for word. noone hates you. they criticize you for your previous inability to follow forum rules (particularly in auctions)

    you have learned a bit since however, take most peoples "criticism" as friendly advice and anything offensive you are welcome to report to me
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