Hello Everyone. Dont take this the wrong way.

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You will Forgive what ever I have done to you or anyone else.

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  1. Hello Empire Minecraft.

    No I am not leaving but I just want to say this. Please dont twist it or say harsh things. All I ever wanted was to be like everyone else.

    I might of been weird before and made some akward things. I might of been annoying sometimes. All I ever want is to be like the awesome normal people here. I used to play Emc all alone with a few little friends. I then went onto the fourms. It was nice and cool here. I was new so I might of made a few mistakes, such as making a thread in the Auctions place instead of the right place. I try to be like everyone else but I guess I just cant. A while back I might of made a thread with a ton of spelling mistakes and other things. I did not know people will take it the wrong way. I Have become someone that most people think is weird. I Felt so tiny with all the giant things happening around me. Some people wish I never was born. I was just a quiet person with a few long gone friends. I Had gotten better at things. Started a Project with MasterMockery. I have tried to Mature more. I Have tried all I could. Sometimes I try to be nice but I just get yelled at and get my feelings hurt. I wish I was like everyone else. Being King of the MA. Having 500 thousand Rupees. Owning huge things. I Just dont know what to do with my self.
    I am Asking Empire Minecraft to please forget all the mistakes I have done. Just count me as a Normal person. But as I know. There are people who will just let me down.
    I guess I have a bad sense of humor. I try my best at school so I can get online more.
    Please Emc. Please forget anything I have done to you. I have never found a Server like this. When I saw all about Bob when he made that thread. I told me Dad and he said Emc is so kind and Cool. I used all the money I got to become a Diamond. I try and try. But I guess not.

    No I am not leaving. I just had to let my feeling out. I know the next person to reply is gonna be like Iz d0Nt C4re. Getz l0est!
  2. It's alright! You're a nice person and I've never seen you do anything wrong! :)
    Ignore people who hurt your feelings, think about the ones who actually care about them! ;)
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  3. As bilbo said! I've never seen you say or do anything that may of been annoying or hurt anyone! You are a great man demon, can't wait to see you more active :)
  4. Since your not leaving, can I still get your stuff?? Oh and
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