Hello everybody, Lets talk C:

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by Elysianx, Aug 3, 2013.

  1. How is everybody today? C:
    Hows everybodys summer?
    What ya been doing?

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  2. Hi.
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  3. Well.
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  4. umm.. What?
  5. Well Hello Best Minecraft Servers
  6. Well?
  7. wut
  8. Welcome back, haven't seen you in a long while. :)
  9. My eyes are being gouged out my by little bro clawing me.
  10. Thank you C: Ive just been busy...being on netflix..(Im a bum)
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    oh my....
  12. I say "ello governor, how's the chips and crumpits?"
  13. I've been having a good summer. Been to Radio 1's big weekend and then going to another music festival Friday week. We have been having a heatwave (over now) which was pretty good, meant that me and my friends could chill outside and not get wet.

    Its 2am and I get talkative when i'm sleepy.
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  14. Sleep, Minecraft, and summer; it's all good!