Hello Everybody. Daletown Smp3

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  1. Hi would like to share a few screenshots.
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  2. I love it! What a fabulous build! <3
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  3. Very cool build... and lovin the balloons! Looks like a race.
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  4. That's super cool! So much to look at :D
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  5. This is such an insane and aesthetically pleasing build! :p Great work
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  6. Thank you all very much for you sweet comments. There is lots more to come and the base is atleast 3 times bigger then what you see in the screenshots. If anyone wants to visit ,everyone is welcome to have a look, and explore!
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  7. Oooooooooohmygosh yes please I would absolutely love to, I feel like this is the sort of place where I could spend hours upon hours just wandering around and exploring
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  8. This is an incredible build! I love the detail to landscaping!
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  9. Direct quote from khixan: "Why? Why are these people not on build team?"
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  10. Gorgeous outpost, absolutely LOVED it! <3
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  11. Amazing :eek: Nice work!
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  12. Looks awesome! :cool:
  13. This is incredible, its very nice. I will visit it sometime soon. :)
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  14. Wow, this looks great! Would love to visit sometime!
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  15. Wow, that's quite cool!
    I'm not sure about the blue in the clock tower, though. :p And I feel like there is an excessive amount of torches, but I suppose that's to keep the creepers from spawning. :)
  16. Pretty sweet build.