Hello erbody.....I'm Thomas0_0rad

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  1. Pulled a all dayer and all nighter even though dayer isn't a word I did it.
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  2. Welcome to EMC mister creeper face :D.
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  3. Welcome!!! :D
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  4. Welcome! What server do you call home?
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  5. Welcome to the Empire! :D
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  6. Hi :3
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  7. Welcome!
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  8. welcome :)
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  9. Welcome to EMC! I hope you like it here and enjoy your stay. :D

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  10. Um I'm on server smp7
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  11. nice
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  12. I think I may visit smp7 today to see how are you doing. Booyakasha!
  13. Welcome!
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  14. Welcome to the wonderful land of EMPIRE MINECRAFT
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  15. Bienvinidos a EMC!!!
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  16. I came to visit your Residence today! Nice House! I'm glad you found a home. :D
  17. Welcome to EMC, if you ever need any help or questions ask anyone in game or on forums I bet you someone will help you, and if not send me a message! :)
  18. thanks you should come see what advancements I've made on my home.
  19. It is a word now!
    Welcome to the Empire, and can't wait to derp with ya on 7!
    (yes 7 is my home town)