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  1. Hello guys im new to this server and i already have a few questions

    1. Is how do you get to your residence And or delete it and create a new one someone else

    2. How do you create a sethome ( a warp to your house )
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  2. Welcome!

    1. Type /v open then /claim (res number). Access your res with /home or /v (res number)

    The res number will be shown when you get it :)
  3. Hey there, welcome! :)

    /v open and /claim is how to claim a residence if you do not have one already - /home is how you get to your residence and if you want to unclaim it (losing all on the res) then use the /unlaim command :)

    As for setting your part of the residence to spawn to, stand in the area you want to be when you use /home and then type /tpset and you're all set! Hope this helps, any other information then you can PM me or consult the Wiki!

    Enjoy your time at the Empire!
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  4. Yep, like they said, you don't have to create a warp to your home because the server does it for you. All you have to do is type /home and boom! you're home.

    Welcome and again and I hope you spend all of your time on SMP2 with the cool kids enjoy your time here!!
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  5. Welcome to EMC!:p
  6. Welcome To EMC, You should enjoy your stay :D
  7. Welcome to the Empire Kaikil. Enjoy your stay.
  8. Welcome to EMC

  9. :cool:
    Welcome to EMC!
  10. :cool: Yo cool dude :cool:
  11. Welcome to the Empire! :)
  12. First off; welcome to the Empire, hope you're going to enjoy here.

    Well, the questions have already been answered but I'd like to add a little to them anyway...

    Keep in mind that the teleport commands only work within town and the protected regions in the waste and wild (wastelands; the mining world, and the Frontier; the "survival building world" if you will). So if you venture out into either of those worlds then you won't be able to simply go home after you're done.

    You'll need to make it back to an outpost (protected area) and then you can quickly teleport back home.

    So be careful there ;)

    Figured I'd mention it right away, beats being holed up somewhere down below with no more picks and then suddenly realizing that you may have run into a "small problem" :)
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