Hello EMC

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by mario1257, Jul 23, 2014.

  1. Hello EMC Members, I'm a some-what new member, I joined about 2 weeks ago, but made an account 2 days ago. I'm teamed up with New Player AgentIke567, he still has yet to join the forums. :D
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  2. Hello and Welcome to the Empire =)
  3. Welcome to EMC! You live on my home server so if you need anything feel free to ask :)
  4. Well, I usually lurk around on smp8, so we won't see each other a lot, but it's nice to meet you! :D
  5. You live on SMP7?
  6. Welcome to the empire! :D
    What time zone do you live in?
  7. I do :p
  8. Welcome!
  9. U might see me visiting some friends outpost so feel free to /msg me il soon answer after my fight with a zombie
  10. Thx for all the replies, I'm working on a replica of the Steam Market called "Steam Market Tower" with a player who isn't a member on the forums yet, but we're doin' OK. :D