Hello EMC world!

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  1. Hello all, thought I would stop by and say hello to everyone!
    Thanks for a great server!
    Second, I wanted to say most of the people I see are pretty cool on here.
    And lately *ahem* smp7 is the best!

    See y'all in the mines.
  2. *ahem* true :D, and welcome to EMC
  3. Hello! And welcome :)
  4. Welcome to EMC, glad you chose 7 :D
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  5. Welcome to EMC, hope you enjoy your time here. :)
  6. Yes, been in for about a little over a week, and its awesome!
    Mine, Farm, Mine, Farm, and help people build sometimes, when mining and farming is not enough.
    Oh yeah, and then Vote!
    Thanks for the warm welcome all. My res is still a dirt hut, but after mining a bit, I will actually build something a little better. Got a couple ideas in mind... but no spoilers!
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  7. I like the part of mine, also i wish you good luck in the giveaway to improve your res :D
  8. Welcome! Was fun fighting that Momentus earlier. :)
  9. Heck ya Legend! Too bad I didn't have much at that time to fight it with, but it was a Blast!
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