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  1. Hello, I'm quite a long time on Empire Minecraft and sadly I have forgotten to introduce myself. I am Lyptuzz the potion brewer. I can brew any kind of potion you would want me to. If you want to buy my potions, I am available on SMP 3. My residence number is 7495. If you can't see the potion you're looking for, I am often at the Info Desk in my brewery. I live in The Netherlands, so I will be online Central European Time. I am not Dutch if you would have thought so, I am Finnish and I also can speak Swedish. I had my old shop on SMP 1, at the address 408. Then because a few people that I know very well moved or lived to/at SMP 3, I went to SMP 3. Then I've been hunting for a very long time in the wilderness. Then I sadly found a server so I didn't go to EMC for a long time, then that server got a few problems so it couldn't start (I know that because my brother owned that server), that's why I came back to EMC. Not a quite a long time ago I began my brewery with more than a DC* full of potions. If you wonder why my Night Vision Potions and Invisibility Potions are so expensive, it is because every 3 of those potions cost a Golden Carrot, and a Golden Carrot costs 8 Golden Nuggets.

    *DC=Double Chest
  2. Hi, I'm the resident economist.
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  3. Welcome to EMC! I am the Tomato King! If you haven't make sure to read the EMC guide -----> EMC GUIDE
  4. Heeeelloooo EmpireMinecraft!!!! Lyptuzz!!!! I am one of the happiest members of EMC and also I love LEGO!!!!
  5. Yep Welcome XD. Time To Have Fun. :)
  6. Pleasure to meet you.
  7. correct me if im wrong, thought invisibility potions are disabled on emc
  8. That was my impression as well.
  9. Welcome! You were right when you said you have been on EMC for a long time already... :p
  10. Why does everyone say "Welcome!"? I've been a member before the servers were called SMP!
  11. It's the title, a little common courtesy, and a little habit. Usually if people plan on making a "About me" thread it's when they're new
  12. i am the resident Redstone geek!
  13. "Welcome" back ;)
  14. It's called common courtesy.
  15. Also common courtesy can be one step to far. Just read the posts lol.
  16. I Am The MiniMoose
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