Hello! :D

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  1. Hey there! well, yeah, im new to emc :D I found this server off of a friends, friend of a friend a few weeks back. So I decided to come see, so far its great! lol

    About me... hmm? I like ponies :oops: like, a lot! Im Aussie, and im looking for a residence at the moment in a non-laggy spot XD

    Thats about it so, ill see ya around!
  2. Welcome to EMC! You'll certainly enjoy it! :D

    btw, Aussies rule :p
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  3. Welcome to Empire Minecraft! Feel free to join SMP2, it's a great crowd and usually nice and peaceful yet friendly. :)
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  4. Hiya :) Welcome.

    Ponies huh? Well i'm sure someone can set you up with a few horse eggs to get you started.
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  5. Welcome, theres a few aussies on smp4 that i know of if you are looking for people from same time zones. But all the servers a very friendly. You will be welcome wherever you decide to set roots.
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  6. Thank you all so much :D I have decided to set home at 10080 on smp5
  7. aww, I'm an aussie on smp4 :(
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  8. Welcome one to EMC, hope you enjoy your stay in the servers :D.
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  9. Welcome to EMC :D
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  10. Welcome to emc :D

    If you seek a fun park go to 5408 ( Utopia )( yes also you can come) come there to do /server Utopia

    ???????? I think smp1 :D
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  11. Well Hello! Glad you are enjoying EMC!
    I spend loads of time on SMP7, so if you are ever on 7, be sure to say hello to us all there!

    How did you come up with your name?
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  12. Woohoo! Smp5 :D
    oh and welcome btw
  13. Welcome aboard on EMC!
    Make sure to use the forum. From my point of view it makes the full experience even better.

    Picked an EMC server yet?
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  14. Welcome to EmpireMinecraft! I am sure you will enjoy it here, have fun! :cool:
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  15. \

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  16. Welcome to the Empire! :)
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  17. Welcome to EMC! :) I, myself, only joined in January! Hope to see you around!
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  18. :cool: Welcome! :cool:
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  19. Wow!:eek: I didn't expect this big of a welcome! thank you!
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