Hello, Citizens of the Empire

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  1. My name is Aeion, and I am an experienced minecraft player. I am thankful to have found a server that shares many of my interests, such as no PVP and anti griefing rules. I'm glad to see a server reinforce cooperation as opposed to getting together to murder each other. Anyway, I hope this server lives up to my expectations.

  2. Hi! I'm Charlie!
    You will find that Empire Minecraft is one of the best servers yet XD
    Hope you like it,
  3. Welcome! What SMP are you residing on? :)
  4. What I would've said...
  5. Hi Aeion, welcome to the Empire. It is a great server.
  6. Welcome to EMC Aeion. If you need me im on smp8!
  7. Welcome to emc, I'm on smp7 so if you need some help, come there.
  8. Welcome to EMC Aeion! If you need anything, feel free to come and find me on the server, or message me on here and I'll aim to help you my best :)
  9. You'll love it here. The staff are mature, the player are relatively mature, and in general the community is great.

    Welcome. :)
  10. im actually not on a smp yet. im trying to build up my resources so i can have a decent base set up when i start. Of course, if im wasting my time as i saw something about items not transferring over without using the vault, please let me know.
  11. ok, through looking through commands and stuff, im on smp3. sorry for any confusion my previous statement would have brought.
  12. I'm also on snp3, if you see me on and need anything, let me know.
  13. Ah, welcome to the Empire, Aeion! As I think you've already discovered, we have an awesome community. :) I hope to see you active on our server in the days to come!
  14. Welcome to the best smp see you around.
  15. Welcome! I hope you're into economy stuff, that's basically what EMC is all about! :D But there's other stuff like custom mobs and promotional items, mob arenas, staff killing themselves for our pleasure, etc...;) Lemme know if you need help with anything, I'm on Smp2 usually.
  16. It's easy to move things from server to server with the vault feature. Just because you are on smp3, don't miss out if an event is happening some place else. It takes a little while to learn all our custom features, but we are all about having a good time here at EMC.
  17. As a 1000+ day old player; it will ;)
  18. awww smp4 is the best!! but i guess its my opinion...
  19. Welcome to EMC!
    If you ever have any questions, or need help, be sure to ask!
    Glad to see more like-minded people!

    Be sure to travel the various smp's as there are some fun things about, and to be seen.
    Check out the 'servers' tab under 'communities' as they indicate any Empire builds on the smp (such as graveyard, etc.)

    Good luck, and see ya around!
  20. Hi Aeion,
    I am not an experienced MC player, and this is the first multiplayer I've ever joined. I'm new, but I'm really happy here so far, and everyone is very friendly, helpful, and fun :) Hope it's the same for you!