hello all

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  1. hello my name is joe
    i live in london england
    I'm from ireland
    im a freelance photographer
    im 29 (i know old)
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  2. Welcome to the Empire! :) You will fit right in here, there are plenty of mature players here. BTW, I have over a decade on you! :p
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  3. Welcome to Empire Minecraft! On Empire Minecraft, your age does not matter; your maturity does. :)
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  4. Welcome to EmpireMC Jam!
    • In what server do you reside?
    • What's your favorite block to build with?
    • If you had to choose between being a robot, and a pony, which would you choose?
    Also, there is a vast diversity in age on the Empire, so don't think you're alone! Since you love photography, have you seen the Shutter Talk subforum?

    The Empire has a wonderful community, so if you need any help, feel free to ask anyone!
  5. Welcome to the empire!
  6. welcome to the Empire Joe. I have over 3 decades over you. ;) Enjoy your stay. :)
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