Hello all! I am in need ^_^

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  1. Hello all! Hope 2013 has been well for you so far ^.^, Ok so down to business, I hope you all remember amadia's mansion. It has been reset. It is my dream to rebuild it, In my opinion it was one of the most amazing build's I had ever seen. I loved it. I was wondering if anyone happened to have a schematic of it? If you do, and could send it to me in a Private Message, I would be ever so thankful! Thank you all for reading and have a wonderful day! ^_^ Here are some pictures http://empireminecraft.com/threads/awesome-log-mansion-built-by-amadai-on-smp3.1739/
  2. Looks interesting.
  3. Anyone? Please? ^_^
  4. :( there is no schematic as far as i searched but I will be willing to fund this awesome build
  5. I remember this :) I miss amadai :(
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