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  1. Hey, Empire. I'm not new I'm a old player of the server returning.

    But in sense of who I'm to who I was I'm new xD but anyways, A lot has changed since my leave, new features, new content and new faces. Too much actually has changed since I left but I'm back and here to stay for a long time as far as life allows it.

    I hope to make new friends and have a good time ;)
  2. Welcome back to the Empire.
  3. <3 Welcome
  4. WB! restart on smp8!
  5. Welcome back old guy that's new but was old but has returned making him new but is old
  6. Welcome back bro
  7. Hey! Welcome! Which smp do you plan to call home? Smp5 is my home server, but I bounce around. I too went derelict for 9+ months, so my playing time is a bit less than the days it says I've been around as well!

    We're glad you're back to stay a bit. :)
  8. I already am playing on SMP2, It was my home server when I was playing back in the day and I still call it home :3

    SMP2, but you know, I always think my home in is SMP3 xD but I guess its because 3 is my favorite number.
  9. I don't know you but Welcome back!
    I run along smps, but my home server is on smp7. Good to see old members returning like I have. Since you have stayed here longer than five nights... It doesn't make sense for me to say "Hope you survive 5 Nights" Hope to see you around!

  10. Hey there, welcome back DanielGlass, I might not know you but I hope to get a chance to meet you someday :D
  11. Hi Daniel. Nice to meet you and welcome back. It's good to see old players returning. :)
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  12. Welcome back Daniel! :)
  13. Welcome back to EMC!
  14. Nice! Have fun! :)
  15. Welcome back to the Empire, a lot has changed since 2012 - if you have any questions then feel free to ask :)
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  17. Thanks for this, I got a lot of info out of this Update log :D

    Will do ^_^