Hello after 2 years :)

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  1. Hello dear Empire players,

    some of you might remember me back from 2013 and some of you probably dont. Few days ago i dacided to join again EMC and start playing minecraft when i have time. I was off for about 2 years and many things have changed. I have an interesting story to tell you so sit back, get a coffee and relax :)

    When i left EMC i joined an other community located in Athens, Greece which back in 2011 was the biggest server worldwide. I managed to climb in leadership and become a board member and soon enough co-owner. In 2014 we decited that we should close our public server after countless attemps to attract the Greek community instead of a global community. However we didn't stopped there. We kept our biggest project called Ancient Greece which its purpose was to connect education and gaming together through Minecraft.
    That. was. huge. ... The media loved it! We had public appearances on the national television and many newspaper articles.

    Few months ago we decited to give the project away (and we're still searching for someone capable to run the project) and go in to something bigger. Something thay would make everyone say WOW.
    We're still working on it and we when we have to show i will post something here. (spoil: it has to do with augmented reality)

    Through this journey i met people and most importantly friends which they will be with me for the rest of my life.
    If there is an open position in Empire's team i would love to try :)
    I hope i will see you ingame :D
  2. Wow that amazing! Welcome back to EMC man! :]
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  3. Welcome back to EMC, Fleva! :)
  4. Eyy there, Meletis Flevarakis. =) I'm partly Greek myself as well. Nice to see you coming back. That sounds like a wonderful experience.
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  5. Welcome back tro the Empire! Sounds like you've been involved in some amazing projects!!
  6. Welcome back! :)
  7. Sounds amazing!
  8. Hi Flevas. Welcome back. :)
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  9. Welcome back!
  10. Sounds fantastic! Welcome back! :D
  11. Welcome back Flevas. :)
  12. Welcome back! Sounds amazing!
  13. Welcome Back!!! :)
    That sounds like it was a fun adventure :D
  14. I am also back after a two year hiatus. Cheers, friend!
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