Discussion in 'General Minecraft Discussion' started by oidgod, Dec 19, 2011.

  1. whenever i try to get on any minecraft server, it says-------------------502 error---------- can anyone fix this? or give me data on how?
  2. lol, check out the other currently very active threads, this is a minecraft issue, not an Empire issue :)
  3. it says 502 for URL. pire, ca
  4. all multiplayer servers are down, not just empireminecraft
  5. the authentication server for minecraft is down, take a break and read or something till they are back up
  6. What for? Why are they down for?
  7. Oh i was thinking someonee had banned me globally
  8. nah, come join our game in the other thread, it will keep us all entertained for a while :)
  9. Its not just this server!!! Every server i hvae on my list is the same way!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. yeah is a mincraft issue cowman, not empire.
  11. I kind of figured that beacuse i have like a few other servers and they said the same thing. What the fourm u said earlyier in the post to have fun in?
  12. i blame it on dunn