Heeeelloooo EmpireMinecraft!!!!

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  1. Well, I feel like answering questions today, so ask anything you like!
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  2. Why yellow?
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  3. Did you think I was SparerToaster earlier?
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  4. That is a good one. Since I was a little child I loved playing with LEGOs and when I went to Denmark 2 years ago, I bought a Tshirt with that yellow smiling face. I was searching for a text color that could match with my profile picture and chose yellow. It is also a happy color and I read in a book that the most llamative color combination was black-yellow so now I write most of my posts in yellow. But I got a new phone for Christmas and I can't put text color when I write in it :(
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  5. Yes D: Why do you use his profile pic?
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  7. Why did you post this in Introduce Yourself?
  8. Happy Birthday!
  9. Do you like pigs and fishes?
    Why I'm i diamond supporter?
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  10. Thanks!
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  11. Why do people say "I slept like a baby", when a baby wakes up ever half an hour and cries.
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  12. Um... Yes?
    No idea :D Maybe to support the Empire so regular players like me can play?
  13. I'm introducing myself!
    Because they wake up ever half an hour and cry :p
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  14. Mucha gente en España no saben tanto Ingles, especialmente niños de 14 años. Como sabes todo este ingles? Perdona por la falta de los acentos es que soy vago.
  15. Aaaactualy just to use the fly perk on my utopia res, that made me build the desert town I'm right now making.
  16. Do you like me?
    Am I dumb?
    Do you think I have an incredibly low IQ?
  17. No tenía ni idea de inglés hasta que empecé a jugar a Minecraft; lo digo en serio :p
  18. :/ Anyways thanks for supporting the Empire lol.
    Like you in what sense? ._.
    I don't know you :|
    I don't know what's an IQ...
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  19. Es para saber el conocimiento intelectual de una persona, te hacen pruebas y si tienes de 140 o mas eres un genio pero si tienes menos de 100 eres un idiota.
  20. Ah vale... Eso es por lo que me subieron de curso entonces, ahora no me acuerdo como se llama la prueba :|