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  1. I recently explored a bit on EMC SMP2. I found this head museum and it happens to have all these heads in it. When exploring this head museum, I thought to my self, "How do they get all these heads?" and it lead to my next question. How would I obtain one of my head? Is there a command I got to do or something? If there is, can some one help me by letting me know this command.
  2. Your player head isa rare drop from your death. The easiest way is to build a tall tower, set your spawn point with a bed, then jump...rinse and repeat til your head drops.
  3. You basically go to the wild or wastelands and die a bunch of times. Every time you die you have the chance of dropping your own head. You may need to be patient though...it can take anything from a couple of times to like 100 times. Happy dying :D

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