[Heads] I am trading heads to all who offer good heads

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  1. Want my head? We can make a deal with heads, head dealership is officially open *cuts rope*
  2. What does your head look like, can if I want to, could I buy it instead?
  3. Join smp9 come to 18181
  4. Some pictures of my head :)

  5. Now I definitely want one. Do we just trade heads or do I have to buy it?
  6. Trade, number of heads depends on who the heads belong to. meet at 18181
  7. Just to inform you guys, this service will be closing and i will be selling my heads at 10k at 18181 after i am done with this service in a few days
  8. A head is not worth 10k.
  9. Depends on the person lol, nick5013 sells his for 100k, i will gladly buy it when 18181 get's on full throttle
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  10. 10k=too much for a head.There will be an auction of 54 heads soon with a starting bid of 10k
  11. As i said before :)
  12. Tell you what, if I do a swap with you, do I have your permission to sell your head in my auction? You'll still receive the shared profit from the auction so it's a win win really :)
  13. Let me see your head :)
  14. Shall we trade heads? I need some more :D
  15. Come to 18181 on smp9 to let me see your head