Head Recall!

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  1. Hello everyone.

    Some duplicated heads were recently found and then distributed to players inventory and in chests in the Wastelands.

    Known heads: Shiny Aikar (Drop Party Head), krysyyjane9191, ISMOOCH and IcecreamCow.

    There may be more, so if you found heads or any high value item randomly in a chest or your inventory, please put them in your Vault and PM Maxarias and krysyyjane9191 to let them retrieve them.

  2. Lol.... First :D
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  3. What?~! This is impossible!
    What if we keep the head...
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  4. wat? Why is my name on there?
  5. I had a feeling this had been the case D: Found 4 krysyyjane heads in my donation chest and she said she hadn't done it.
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  6. So confused right now
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  7. Someone duped your head then distributed them out in mass.
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  8. oh... well... that seems silly. I didnt do it though... was not even logged in :/
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  9. I think that there is a duplication glitch with item frames, but I do not know how to do it. *Stares at Aikar*
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  10. How is something like this even possible?
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  11. You see, a baby troll comes on the interwebs, and finds EMC. Then, he gets out his super-evil hacking device, and steals a few heads that he learned are important on this server. Then, he gets out his super-weird duplication device, and he duplicates the heads. Then, he goes and distributes by the masses.

    tl;dr A troll just hacks and gets more heads, and then just gives them to random people

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  12. I assume this is a relatively recent occurrence? I have an ICC head (bought it), but is 8+ months old.
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  13. Sorry for the somewhat-recent post after my last, but I just wanted to make sure you already have a fix for this, right Aikar? It just doesn't feel like EMC when there's a duplicator on the loose.
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  14. It's only from today. The issue has been resolved, but if you had it from before today or if you know how you legitly got it, then its fine.

    It's heads that you might of found randomly in the Wastelands/Frontier or mysteriously in inventory that you don't know how you got it.
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  15. At first I read this and thought it was some weird lore for a new random Heads in chests feature but I was wrong. Was it a hacker of Glitch?
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  16. Cant get on. Now will check tomorrow. (Just so I don't get banned.)
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  17. I don't think that you'd be banned, it is just a courtesy to give them back since they weren't gained fairly.
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  18. Aww man.. I was hoping I could keep the three I took
    All my Sadness
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  19. Aikar i think we all need to give you a "sorry" for getting mad when you demoted ICC
  20. Please keep the comments related to the OP