head parkour on smp8 17479

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  1. well the title says most of it. i am seeking donations for a parkour where every step is someone elses head. i have a donation box set up in the lobby of my res (17479 or /v corruptedsmile 3) i am looking for people to donate one of their heads. i have no use for more than one. the head parkour is at the surface so to see it take the ground-sky course teleport.
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  2. This sounds like a nifty little idea, can't wait to see how it turns out! :D
  3. i have 6 heads so far.
  4. I don't think I want my precious head to be trampled over people's feet....
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  5. now that is the look of progress. donate you heads to expand. (please dont donate other peoples heads without their approval and i didn't think i would have to say it but no renamed heads. if i see a renamed head i will give it to a stranger.)
  6. next time i lose my head i'll donate it too u.
  7. sounds good. i'll arrange a "accident".
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  8. lol that creeper looks familer... OH gosh