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  1. Hey Guys! Lets get to the point. In PvP their is a head drop system. Do /ps to look at your players setting and their is a head drop setting you can turn it off and on if you feel like it. People turn their head drop off to sell them or to turn it off. People been arguing about this and people have been nagging me too. Guys listen to this sentence. It Doesn't matter if the person doesn't have their head drop off, its not against the rules to turn it off. Seriously don't argue if its off go find another player to fight. Its childish, its foolish to argue about 1 head its code in a game we know and love, don't argue about it, if you have a problem about it ask the player if you can buy it , trade for it , or turn their head drop on politely, if they so no move on. No means no, arguing is just going to disrupt the chat and possibly going to get you muted , kicked , or banned. Hope this made sense. If you have a problem with this thread inbox me don't post it in chat.

    Ender King :cool:
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  2. Wait, I don't really understand this. Do you mean that people say that other people should turn their head dropping on?
  3. the problem is people are arguing about head drops
  4. He says that people are complaining when they pvp someone and their head drop is off
  5. Well, that's pretty stupid.. It's their choice, right?
  6. Yeah, pretty much it's a person's choice to wether drop or not their heads, and I THINK, the pvp arena was really ment for the fighting rather than a head farm, so there's no harm on choosing not to drop your own head, but you know there's people who really want other people's heads.
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